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Electronic Recycling — Phoenix Metro
Scouts' Computer Swap Meet. The Scouts Computer Swap Meet is home to our monthly electronics shopping event, as well as our electronics recycling drop-off program. For more information, visit Scouts' Computer Swap Meet.

Westtech Recyclers. Great source to purchase used equipment or to recycle old electronic/computer equipment. Located at 1008 West Madison, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Call: 602-256-7626. Visit them on the web at

Recycled Papers
New Leaf Paper, complete line of papers have various recycled content. To learn more, visit


Public Transportation
Public transportation provides greater freedom, access, opportunity and choice for Americans. Public transportation consists of a variety of services including: buses, trolleys and light rail, commuter trains, streetcars, cable cars, van pool services, paratransit services for senior citizens and people with disabilities, ferries and water taxies, and monorails and tramways.
Phoenix-metro area transportation Valley Metro provides transportation solutions that make the Valley a better place to live, work, play and visit. For more information on the bus, lightrail or ridesharing, visit Valley Metro.
Scottsdale Trolleys The Scottsdale Trolley is a free and easy way to tour some of Scottsdale’s world-renowned shopping destinations. The Neighborhood Circulator is a free public trolley tying neighborhoods. For more information on trolley routes and times, visit Scottsdale Trolleys.
Kansas City transportation The ATA’s Metro Division operates 70 bus routes that provide almost eight million miles of scheduled transit service per year. For more information on bus routes and times, visit Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

Simply put when you carpool, you will drive less, save money and reduce the number of vehicles on the road — reducing vehicle emmisions. You can join local rideshare communities through your public transportation authority or participate through these organizations.
GoLoco is a service that helps people and communities create their own personal public transportation network. Your cars, your friends, your trips, your expenses — GoLoco puts them all together for a seamless way to share travel and expenses.
Flexcar is the progressive way to get around town that saves time, money and the environment. Members use them when they need them, paying just a simple hourly rate that includes gas, insurance and maintenance.
cars live near where you work and play. MINIs, trucks, hybrids and SUVs available by the hour or day—gas and insurance included.

Bicycling and Walking
Bicycling and walking are good, clean and fun ways to get around town. Riding your bike or walking reduces pollution and eases congestion. Try walking or riding your bike to work! Even one day a week can make a big difference for yourself and your community. For more information, visit the National Center for Bicycling and Walking.
Arizona bicycling and walking ADOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Program and Valley Metro Bike & Walk have wide varieties of resources and information about biking and walking in Arizona.
Scottsdale bicycling Scottsdale has been a Bicycle Friendly Community since 2005. For information on bikeways and trail maps, visit .
Missouri bicycling For information on bicycling in Missouri, visit Missouri Bicycle Federation.
Kansas City bicycling Integrating bicycles into the mix of Kansas City’s transportation choices has begun. An on-street, arterial network of bicycle routes is being planned and implemented. For more information visit Bike KC!.


Green Resources

llth Hour Web Site. This is an important web site to begin to understand the consequences of global warming, climate change, survivability of humans on this planet. The movie is a "Must-See"

STUFF. This is an interesting site. It says a lot about sustainability and all the stuff we have in our lives. Take a look.

Find an Energy Saving Light Bulb. This a great place to start.

On Demand Water Heater. An US Department of Energy article with on How They Work, Selecting a Demand Tankless or Instantaneous) Water Heater, Installation & Maintenance, etc. Take a look for yourself.


Paper & Printers

FSC Certified Printers — Phoenix
Century Graphics
Cereus Graphics
Courier Graphics
Good Impressions
Ironwood Litho
O'Neil Printing
Phoenix Color
Pride Printing
Prisma Graphic Corp.
Steve Woods Printing

FSC Certified Printers — Kansas City
Allen Press Inc.
McCormick Armstrong Company Inc.