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Title: Kansas City—What a Trip!

Goal: Create branding video targeting corporate and association meeting planners; sway opinion held that “there’s nothing to do in Kansas City.”  Show the City’s personality, attractions and heritage in a fun, engaging way.

Video production/project management. 
Copy/Script writing.
Advertising Cooperative Marketing Mgmt.

The video served several defined purposes:

  • Sales Tool—given to prospects on major feeder-city Sales Missions
  • Sales Tool—used by Sales/Hotel Managers as key part of Board presentations soliciting city-wide meetings/tradeshows.
  • Fulfillment—video was sent “on request” to select prospects.
  • Public Relations—sent with attendant press release to targeted industry trade publications, touting the virtues of Kansas City as a meeting destination and feature story.  B-roll available to media plus clients and associations in order to build excitement/attendance for a upcoming KC meeting.
  • Update B-roll footage for future use in TV spots and other videos.

Strategy: Focus groups held in NYC and Chicago unveiled that KC—as a meeting destination for large conventions and trade shows—had no top of mind awareness with targeted meeting planners.  The perceptions where not negative; they just weren’t on the radar screen.  And if there were perceptions they were usually incorrect.  In order the translate the “Discover the Secrets” print campaign describing KC’s “destination drivers” to transient audiences the KCCVB produced a video with the same core objective: address the misconceptions about KC and define the destination’s brand and it’s many “All American”-heritage reasons to visit.

The 5-minute video won the “best of show” OMNI Award (KC Ad Club) in the VIDEO category, 1996.  It was created in Kansas City by locals, and even features a sound track written and edited for the film.  The project became a collaboration between key players in the Kansas City and State of Missouri tourism communities.  For affordability, some scenes were filmed specifically for the video and then combined with B-roll generously sourced and donated by Kansas City attractions and studios. 

Executive Producer/ Project Manager:
Kansas City Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cathy Hattaway
Director of Marketing

Creative Team:
Scott Henson
Metro Productions

Randall Becker
Black & Becker

Scott Henson

Randy Warren
Director of Photography

Mike Shell

Original Music:
Chapman Recording Studios
Jack Mulligan

Rick Huyett