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Title: Discover America: The Really Big Picture on Kansas City

Goal: Create promotional video targeting motor coach & group tour operators and association meeting planners.

Video production/project management. 
Copy/Script writing.
Advertising Cooperative Marketing Mgmt.

The video served several defined purposes:

  • Sales Tool— at industry trade shows
  • Fulfillment—video was sent “on request” to those responding to national print advertising. 
  • Attendance Building—offered to meeting planners and tour operators to “hype” the city, spouse programs and trip extensions to meeting attendees.  Also, made footage available to organizations.
  • Edu-tainment—video is shown on-board actual motor coach tours headed to KC.
  • Update B-roll footage for future use: repackaging of content, media requests, member requests.

Strategy: Research showed that KC—as a meetings destination—had little, and often skewed, brand recognition amongst national association meeting planners and regional tour and motorcoach operators.  In order to extend a successful promotional campaign themed “Discover the Secrets” (targeting transient audiences) the KCCVB contracted Discover America, a production company specializing in location videos and cable placement of content, to produce a unique 11-minute “infomercial” that targeted the meeting and group tour planning industries—national and state associations, and motor coach tour operators already enthralled with Branson, MO but looking for “something new.”  The video content speaks for itself in showcasing Kansas City’s remarkable “undiscovered secrets” —historic areas, attractions, unique retail, nightlife, art, music, etc. and utilizing “heritage themes” and copy to punctuate the visuals.  (Blues/Jazz/BBQ).

Executive Producer/ Project Manager:
Kansas City Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cathy Hattaway,
Director of Marketing

Production Company:
Discover America Cable TV Boradcasting